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We are a full service dental practice providing family, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers can change the colour, shape and length of your teeth and completely transform your smile! They’re thin enough to be applied on top of teeth, while still keeping them strong and protected.

Cleaning exams

Regular biannual cleanings and exams keep your mouth in tip-top condition. Our dentist clean away any tartar or plaque buildup, while also checking for any signs of disease or decay.


Same Day Crowns

Crowns are full-coverage restorations that are used to cover a tooth that is likely to break or is too damaged to be corrected with a traditional filling. It restores complete function for chewing while protecting the weakened structure. We provide the ability for you to be able to have your crown completed in the same day

Implant Crowns

An implant crown is an artificial tooth that is fixed to the jaw or cheekbone, which gives it the strength and durability of a regular tooth. Once fitted, an implant crown connects to the bone through a process called osseointegration, whereby new bone cells grow around the screw-like “post” and keep the crown secure. Book an Implant Consult and we will be able to advise you on the suitability of an implant crown for you.

Root canals

Root canal therapy can save a tooth that has become severely infected or decayed. When diagnosis indicates the need for a root canal treatment, our first priority is our patients' peace of mind. Our pre-treatment preparation ensures that both the tooth and the affected area are fully anaesthetised for the entire procedure. In most cases, once the tooth is repaired we recommend protecting it with a porcelain crown to prevent fracture.


Let us put the sparkle back into your smile! Our whitenings are both easy and non-invasive, and you can remove years of stain and colour from your teeth in no time.

Clear aligners

No more metal tracks, rubber bands, or flossing nightmares! Clear aligners are a proven way to achieve healthy tooth movement with ease of brushing and flossing, and without the unsightly appearance of metal brackets!


Teeth extractions

You may require a tooth extraction for various reasons. Some teeth are extracted because they are severely decayed; others may have advanced gum disease or have broken in a way that cannot be repaired. Other teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted teeth), or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.


The removal of a single tooth can lead to issues related to your chewing ability, your jaw joint, and shifting teeth, which may have a major impact on your dental health. To avoid these complications, we will discuss alternatives to extractions, as well as replacement options of the extracted tooth.


Dental emergencies don't run on a schedule, and our team understands that. From broken fillings to cracked teeth, we will make the time for you by staying late, shifting appointments and focusing on getting you out of pain!

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Tooth coloured fillings

Say goodbye to the days of metal fillings and welcome naturally pleasing tooth coloured fillings! At Bardon Dental, we are a mercury-free practice!

When you develop a cavity, the decayed areas of the tooth is carefully removed, the space is then filled with a durable dental composite material. If you’re like most patients, you may choose white composite fillings or fillings that match your natural teeth colour, instead of silver fillings because of their improved aesthetics and lack of mercury.



Porcelain bridge

Dental bridges are constructed to replace lost teeth, to fill in the gaps between teeth to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting and which may misalign the bite. Having a dental bridge can improve your appearance, help correct bite issues, give support to the surrounding teeth and improve your speech.




Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums to provide stable support for artificial teeth. Implants can be used to replace one or more teeth.




If you’ve lost your natural teeth, dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth that can help restore your smile. Aside from improving your bite, dentures can make it easier to speak better, too. Whether you need a complete dental restoration or just need to replace a few teeth, we will discuss your options for dentures or alternative dental solutions!



Mouth and sports guards

Dental appliances are often worn at night to prevent damage to the teeth. People who grind their teeth or who unintentionally bite down too hard when they sleep can cause pain and damage to their teeth.

We can also help protect your teeth or your child’s teeth if you are involved in high-impact sports that could result in a chipped or lost tooth. 

Our night guards and sports guards are individually designed and customised to fit your mouth perfectly.



Gum disease

Gum disease starts slowly and can go undetected without regular dental care. Bacteria can create plaque buildup that hardens into tartar, irritating and inflaming the gum tissue around the teeth. If left unchecked, gum disease can become a severe infection that affects the tissue and bone in the jaw. It can also put you at higher risk for serious health issues like stroke or type 2 diabetes.

Deep cleanings, can help alleviate many dental health problems by removing soft or hardened plaque from under the gum line, facilitating the healing of gums, and preventing tooth and bone loss and the spread of gum disease. 

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